Thursday, January 31, 2013

First day of School

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     Shortly after moving to Jacksonville we decided to enroll Adoration in a two day a week (from 9-1) preschool class.  My sweet, friendly, extroverted child was missing her friends and we thought school would make the transition easier for her.  I found a church preschool that had an awesome program and equally awesome rates. Cost of living is so much cheaper here (we are paying $400 less for our rent. $400!) so we had the funds to comfortably pay for it. I called up to see if they had any openings for their Tues/Thurs class and lo and behold ONE spot had just opened up the day before I called. This school had quite the waiting list but nobody on the waiting list wanted that spot. Score. 

We toured the preschool and Adoration cried when we left and didn't understand why she couldn't stay. She stood in the door way of her would-be classroom staring longingly at the other children or (fwiends!) saying, "bye Mama!" I guess all our lessons plans and "school time" had her super excited about the idea of school. I enrolled her that day and the next Tuesday I had a brand new Hello Kitty book bag and lunch box ready for her. I lovingly packed her lunch and wrote her a little picture note and left it in her lunch box. We got to school a little early, prayed in the car together, took a couple photos in front of the school, and dropped her off. She cried when I left but when I picked her up she was as happy as can be, babbling on about "fwiends," and "circle time," and singing the songs they sang. And the sweetest of all....little strawberry stain fingerprints on the "note" I had left in her lunchbox. She wanted to take her note with her to bed for her nap time. 

It felt a little bittersweet but I was mostly just excited for my daughter. I know her little personality and I knew that she would love this so much. I use the time while she is at school to get some one-on-one time with Asa, grocery shop, clean, laundry, errands, etc. All that stuff that is SO hard to do with Adoration around. I feel like those couple of hours makes me so much more efficient as a stay-at-home mama and that alone time I get to spend with Asa is very sweet. And I just love picking up Adoration from school. She always screams in delight and runs to give me a big hug when she sees me and then happily babbles on about her day at school. She usually says, "I had a fun day!"  

Oh my baby, she is growing up. 


  1. aww she is so precious! im glad she enjoys school so much!!

  2. Yay!! Sounds like you found the perfect situation for her and yall!! If she were any more precious I think I would die, FYI.

  3. Anna is the same way! She is so excited to see me and she is so happy every time she leaves. She loves to see her friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays :) Only problem is, packing up the newborn to drop her off and pick her up is so much work/time. I don't really get much done!

  4. she looks so grown up with that pony-tail! precious, precious girl! ps, i have a friend moving to jacksonville for her husband's residency this summer. i may give her your name if that's ok:)


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