Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Last Three Months.

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The last three months (October-December) have been some of the busiest of my life. Aside from the usual trips to park, zoo, beach and the loving, discipline, instruction, meals, laundry,and cleaning that are regular parts of my SAHM life, these are other events of note that have happened in these few months:

* gave birth to a beautiful baby boy via a natural labor.
* James got offered a promotion but found out we would need to move to Jax in December. We accepted.
* completely potty trained Adoration.
* Adoration was a flower girl in a wedding.
* family visitors.
* we traveled to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving. Family met us there for a restaurant Thanksgiving meal, but mainly they loved on our children while James and I house hunted.
* James had a work trip to Jacksonville.
* James, me, and Asa went to Jamaica, while my father-in-law watched Adoration. It was a work/vacation trip.
* Packed up our house.
* Moved to our new rental house in Jax. The trip took two days. After a full day of packing up the truck with just one other person to help out. By the time we got on the road it was dark. The kids were tired and hungry (no naps for Adoration.) Two hours down the road, and after an hour of listening to both Asa and Adoration cry we decided to pull over to a Cracker Barrel for dinner and stay at a hotel for the night.
* Half-way unpacked, and set up a Christmas tree in our new home. ( I was determined to have a tree!)
* Two days after moving to Jax, we headed to Georgia for Christmas.
* Asa turned 3 months old. My tiny newborn transformed into a chubby smiley, squishy cheeked boy.

Whew! I;m tired just thinking about all that.
We will never forget this time in our lives for sure!


  1. I really feel like you could have taken up a new hobby or something this fall. As my grandmother says-- idle hands are the devil's playground!! ;) Glad that the end result of the craziness has brought you 500 miles (???? estimating!!) closer to MEEEEE!!

  2. I'm exhausted for you girl! And in case you don't hear this enough (but I'm sure you do), your babies are sooo beautiful. I hope you're loving your knew home!

  3. Exhausting! I loved all the pictures but I have to say my favorite picture is the one with Adoration with a bottle to her chest. It makes me smile a big huge cheesy grin like when my kids (both boys and girls) "nurse" their baby dolls.

    Congratulations on the promotion, James!


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