Thursday, March 14, 2013

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I love Instagram. Like...REALLY love it. It's my way of freezing time. I'm planning on making my instagrams into coffee table books for every year. I still pick up my phone to take photos of our days more than my camera. I'm working on not necessarily taking photos with my phone less, but taking photos with my camera more. The phone is just so darn convenient. I said, I love instagram. 

People use the app lots of different ways. I thought I would share how I use it and the kinds of photos I take.
I've changed how I use instagram in the course of time I've been using the app. I try not to take photos of just whatever, but of moments I really want to remember. (Although there is plenty of randoms thrown in there too. I mean, sometimes you just got to share the moment your husband posed with an old man dressed in short shorts and cowboy boots.)  I very rarely pose my children. Partly because Adoration would just never really cooperate with that, but mostly because I want to authentically capture moments. I usually sneak-take the photo so Adoration isn't even aware I'm taking it. I think that's why I often divert to my phone over my camera. With my camera she knows I'm taking a picture. I can be more sneaky with my phone. Once I get the photo, I put the phone out of sight, usually in my back pocket. I almost always edit/post on instagram later on in a moment when I'm not interacting with my kids. I don't want them to remember me always glued to my phone so I try to be mindful of how much I have it out around them. 

Before I discovered photo editing apps I would just use instagram filters. Now I rarely use any kind of filter (instagram or photo editing apps.) I use the Afterglow app for all my editing. And really....I don't do much. If I edit a photo I usually just brighten it up a bit and it's done. I also usually want the whole span of the photo instead of having part of it cut off to make a square, so I add a border in afterglow that makes the square but retains the original span of the photo. If I use a filter, it's usually one of the black and white ones. I'm quite partial to "ash." And that's it!

If you want to follow me, I'm "altogetherbeautiful." I'm private so don't be offended if I don't accept you right away. I'm a little paranoid so I usually screen people before I accept know...make sure they aren't creepers. ;)  


  1. That second to last photo is adorable! I just did a little cull on instagram to get rid of ghost followers and it felt good. I guess you don't need to do that if you're private. The only thing I find annoying about it these days is the cropping of images, when they don't look as good as they do when you first take them. I guess I should take more use of borders too.

  2. I love Instagram too! But I'm gonna have to check out that Afterglow app - I often find Instagram insufficient for my photo editing desires. If you get a follow from emilygrace24 - don't worry. I'm not a creeper. ;)

  3. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips! I'll have to start using Afterglow more!!


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