Saturday, April 27, 2013

Riverside Arts Market









We are slowly becoming acquainted with this city. The whirlwind of transition seems to be ebbing a bit and we are starting to explore more. Today we checked out the Riverside Arts Market, which is a Farmer's/arts market held under a bridge by the river. I really feel like you can get the pulse of a city at a Farmer's Market.  They always draw such a wide diversity of people, so great for people watching. And I brought my between wrangling Adoration, and enjoying my family, I managed to snap a few photos! 

Aside from beautiful produce stands, this market also had various arts vendors, and lots of food trucks and vendors. I was lured in by handmade/gourmet popsicles. I was in a fruity mood so I went with the raspberry avocado. A-mazing. Next time I think I will have to try their Mexican chocolate....or coconut ginger. mhmm.

My favorite non-produce/food vendors were a plant vendor and Native American jewelry vendor. I wanted all the plants at the plant vendor. I wanted to cover our house with them. I walked away with a pretty sizeable succulent for $6. When we move into our new house, I will definitely be coming back for some more. The Native American jewelry vendor was so amazing. This guy handmade ALL the jewelry. Lots of beautiful silver and turquoise pieces. The artistry was incredible. I was quite smitten over the big chunky rings. For some reason, when I picture the me I want to be as a senior citizen, I picture myself with long silver hair and loads of jewelry like this all up my arms. When your over 60, it's all about the accessories. 

So my opinion of this city based on the gauge of the market? It's a bit of a teenager of a city, reminding me of Charlotte, still trying to figure out what it's going to be. It feels comfortable, like home, this city caught between the ocean and a river. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Portrait a Week: 8



Dear God,
Help me love them well and give them grace. Give me patience and wisdom and life and light to fill their days. Let love cover the multitude of my sins and failings. When they see me, may they see through all my cracks straight to You. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spilled Milk


"Spilled Milk is a collaborative photography blog, featuring a collection of photographs from 17 talented mothers from around the world. We are prompted by a weekly theme reflecting some aspect of parenthood and the complexity and beauty that comes with raising our kids."

I am so honored to be a part of this collaboration. The other mama's comprise both of personal, respected friends (high five Jess, Ivelisse, Anna!) and inspirational creatives and artists I have stalked, ahem, I mean admired from afar. So go check it out and be inspired to love the beauty and the crazy of your own family even more! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Portrait a Week: 7 (and some personal rambling.)


Asa: prince
Adoration: princess

I have no idea what week I'm supposed to be on but I'm taking more photos than I would've without this project, which is good enough for me! Later this week I'll be announcing a collaboration that I am very excited about and very honored to be a part of. Especially since I'm only a pseudo-blogger and usually only view myself as a pseudo-artist. I'm working on that though. These things are hard for me to say: I am a creative...I am an artist. But I'm slowly starting to believe they may be true. Perhaps enough to buy some new paints. ;) 

In other news, we have been house hunting. It's exhausting. There aren't many houses on the market now in Jacksonville and the good ones get snapped up within two days of being listed. It's ridiculous. We already put an offer in on a house. It was amazing. It was drenched in light. The only house we've seen with so much light. (Most houses here are a little scanty in the window department.) There were eleven other offers (eleven!!) The seller lowballed the price to get a bunch of bids. Needless to say, we were out bid. The house sold for at least $15,000 over asking price. We were a little heartbroken.

Also the style of Jax houses? Not exactly my fave. The houses I think are beautiful are in the wrong part of town...and zoned for like D rated schools.  Bummer. But we just put in an offer in on another house in a part of town we love. It feels like you are in the country...but you aren't. The back yard backs up to the woods and a creek. It's near a nature preserve. There are oak trees and Spanish moss.  The house isn't perfect and could use a few updates here and there but I can just picture my kids tromping through the woods and getting dirty which makes it worth it. There are also two other offers on this particular house. Sigh. So maybe we will be on our way to home ownership in a couple of days or the relentless search will march on. 

We are enjoying our Jax life. It's been a good fit for us. There are things I miss about South Florida (I of it are pretty gorgeous. And there a like a billion things to do with kids. sea turtles! amazing parks! museums! zoos! clear, blue ocean water!) But something about that region just made my soul feel heavy. I don't even know how to explain it, but it lifted the moment we drove away and I felt like a different person. We've found an amazing church here that just feels like home and that also has lots of people in our stage of life. I'm already starting to make friends and connections. These past (almost) two years have been a little crazy. But I'm really thankful for the process. Through it God has blessed us with a son, led us to the place we will plant our family, and gave us lots of sunshine and bare feet in the midst. He's also stirred up our hearts in the area of foster care and adoption.  Which as soon as we are settled and have a bit of a support system is a path we want to start walking down. I'm a little terrified of it (or a lot.) I've thought about adoption for a long time but foster care is a completely new concept to my heart. I have lots of questions and fears. Plus I feel totally inadequate. But why else would we have such a desire unless God put it there? 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Recently heard...

Adoration made up this song herself. She is singing, "Jesus makes the scary go bye bye." 
Watch out Taylor Swift, we've got a songwriter on our hands.

My little daughter is 2 1/2 months shy of turning 3. gulp. She is mostly hilarious, sweet, enchanting, precocious, and friendly with a little bit of pull my hair out, drive me crazy thrown in for good measure. Some days she is a little angel, other days she is full of mischief and takes constant redirection. Either way, I love this age. I love to hear the things that come out of her mouth. There are many times where I have to hold my laughter in because she is being very serious yet saying the most absurd, wonderful things. I thought I would share the joy. Recently heard....

I awoke one morning to Adoration petting my head and whispering,
"Wake up sleepy tiger!"

While on the potty, Adoration proudly announced from the bathroom,
"I had a volcano poo poo!!!"

"Do strawberries grow up into ladybugs?"

"Mommy and Daddy are married together." She then proceeds to clasp her hands 
together, close her eyes and say, "Thank you Jesus for the married!"

Laying down on the ground, "I'm dead Daddy! Pray for me!" James pretends to pray for her.
She jumps up and shouts, "I'm alive! Jesus makes the dead go away!"

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