Friday, April 5, 2013

Recently heard...

Adoration made up this song herself. She is singing, "Jesus makes the scary go bye bye." 
Watch out Taylor Swift, we've got a songwriter on our hands.

My little daughter is 2 1/2 months shy of turning 3. gulp. She is mostly hilarious, sweet, enchanting, precocious, and friendly with a little bit of pull my hair out, drive me crazy thrown in for good measure. Some days she is a little angel, other days she is full of mischief and takes constant redirection. Either way, I love this age. I love to hear the things that come out of her mouth. There are many times where I have to hold my laughter in because she is being very serious yet saying the most absurd, wonderful things. I thought I would share the joy. Recently heard....

I awoke one morning to Adoration petting my head and whispering,
"Wake up sleepy tiger!"

While on the potty, Adoration proudly announced from the bathroom,
"I had a volcano poo poo!!!"

"Do strawberries grow up into ladybugs?"

"Mommy and Daddy are married together." She then proceeds to clasp her hands 
together, close her eyes and say, "Thank you Jesus for the married!"

Laying down on the ground, "I'm dead Daddy! Pray for me!" James pretends to pray for her.
She jumps up and shouts, "I'm alive! Jesus makes the dead go away!"


  1. Eeeek!! So cute I die. I wish strawberries could grow into ladybugs. Or actually, vice versa. I need some more Adoration in my life!

  2. precious!! I love seeing these little moments in our children's lives as beautiful :)


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