Saturday, April 27, 2013

Riverside Arts Market









We are slowly becoming acquainted with this city. The whirlwind of transition seems to be ebbing a bit and we are starting to explore more. Today we checked out the Riverside Arts Market, which is a Farmer's/arts market held under a bridge by the river. I really feel like you can get the pulse of a city at a Farmer's Market.  They always draw such a wide diversity of people, so great for people watching. And I brought my between wrangling Adoration, and enjoying my family, I managed to snap a few photos! 

Aside from beautiful produce stands, this market also had various arts vendors, and lots of food trucks and vendors. I was lured in by handmade/gourmet popsicles. I was in a fruity mood so I went with the raspberry avocado. A-mazing. Next time I think I will have to try their Mexican chocolate....or coconut ginger. mhmm.

My favorite non-produce/food vendors were a plant vendor and Native American jewelry vendor. I wanted all the plants at the plant vendor. I wanted to cover our house with them. I walked away with a pretty sizeable succulent for $6. When we move into our new house, I will definitely be coming back for some more. The Native American jewelry vendor was so amazing. This guy handmade ALL the jewelry. Lots of beautiful silver and turquoise pieces. The artistry was incredible. I was quite smitten over the big chunky rings. For some reason, when I picture the me I want to be as a senior citizen, I picture myself with long silver hair and loads of jewelry like this all up my arms. When your over 60, it's all about the accessories. 

So my opinion of this city based on the gauge of the market? It's a bit of a teenager of a city, reminding me of Charlotte, still trying to figure out what it's going to be. It feels comfortable, like home, this city caught between the ocean and a river. 

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  1. "When you're over 60, it's all about the accessories." <--- truer words have never been spoken. You're going to put the rest of the senior citizens to shame for SURE!


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