Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A House, A Home

We are currently in the process of closing on a house. It's taking a bit longer than expected because the septic tank has to be replaced before we can move in. I am over the moon about this house. After multiple moves and temporary residences, and an exhausting house search, we found the house that will be our home and not just a layover. At some point, I plan on telling the story of this house on the blog. It's a really great story and one of those times where I just felt utterly spoiled by God. 

Currently, our rental house's garage is filled with stuff we plan on getting rid of.  We will be selling some large pieces on Craigslist and then will have a big, blow out garage sale. In my mind I have titled it "The Great Purge of 2013," because it feels that epic. There isn't much furniture of ours that we actually purchased. We have picked up pieces here and there, mostly for free, or very cheap to fit our temporary rental situations. I'm pretty excited about getting rid of stuff. It's so freeing. We will be keeping items that we have purchased with longevity in mind and pieces that work. 

I'm pretty excited about making this house a home and have pinning images for inspiration. The house is a mid century ranch style home. I want to honor it's origins by having lots of mid century inspired clean lines but also want to mix it up with a bit of a rustic/natural feel.  Aside from that the main things I want design-wise are:

1) more of a minimalist feel. children come with their own kind of mess and chaos and my soul is just longing for less visually. I'm not wanting lots of decorations, for walls to be too cluttered, or for anything unnecessary. I want every item to be both practical and pretty. If it's only one of those, I don't want it in there.
2) The "decorations" I do want are plants and family photos. I want lots of green to add life, freshness, and to improve air quality. I've never really put family photos up with all our moving, but I'm planning on doing a gallery wall behind our dining table, perhaps mixing in some art and prints as well. 

We should be in the house by Adoration's birthday (fingers crossed!) I know that her 3rd birthday might possible be the first birthday she really remembers and it makes me so happy to think we may have it at a house where many more birthdays will follow! My heart's desire for this house is to be a place of family and gathering. I want people to feel welcome always. I want to open up the doors for gatherings of all kinds, a place for community and relationship. It's a blessing that we want to share. 

Some photo inspiration: 





Friday, May 17, 2013

My Mother's Day

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This season, in the trenches of mothering young children, is one caught between endless exhaustion and countless joys. Things I find myself daily longing for are:

1) 45 minutes all to myself in the morning...to drink my coffee and spend time with Jesus(without having to wake up at 5:30 to achieve this.) 
2) another 60 minutes later in the day to exercise and shower. 
3) the luxury of peeing by myself.
4) spontaneous dates with my husband. or any dates at all. 
5) sleep. always more sleep. 
and all of these on a consistent basis. I know... it's basically asking for the impossible.

I recently had a friend stay with us. She caught us on a particularly hard week. Adoration had suddenly developed random fears going to sleep and was waking up multiple times a night. Asa had just gotten a vaccine and was also cutting his bottom two teeth and was also waking up multiple times a night, wanting to nurse (he usually sleeps through the night.) James and I were exhausted, Adoration was extremely cranky from lack of sleep and always on the edge of a tantrum, and Asa was much more clingy.  And these days, well, they are bound to happen. At one point, she said to me, "I don't know how you do it. Day in and day out. I don't know if I'm cut out to be a mother." 

The thing is...I'm not cut out to be a mother. Are any of us really? But God, He transforms, sustains, and gives grace upon grace. There are new mercies every morning. But most of all there is the Love. There is nothing else like it. The love He has given me for these little people makes every hard day or night worth it. I tried to explain this to my friend but I couldn't quite capture it. It's like the smallest taste of understanding that it was the Joy set before Him that led him to the cross. Every day I take up my tiny cross of inconveniences and lack of selfish freedoms for the Joy set before me. And there is so much joy.

This Mother's Day, all I could feel was gratitude. My children are not a burden. They are a gift. Being their mommy is the greatest thing I have ever done and will probably be the greatest thing I will ever do. 

(oh and the getting to sleep in, the bellini at brunch, beach time with my sweet family, and spa package gift from my love definitely didn't hurt my feelings of gratitude!) 

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