Thursday, September 5, 2013

Asa: 11 months


This boy. I don't feel like I can even put into words how much this one has stolen my heart. His sweetness has been such a balm to my soul in this season. And man, oh man, is he sweet! He is my snuggler for sure and I am always happy to oblige. As I recall, with Adoration, by this time she wouldn't really fall asleep on me anymore, if she did, it was rare. But Asa is still happy to snuggle in and fall asleep on me and James. This time around, I have no desire to sacrifice his babyness for the sake of schedules, or sleep training, or whatever. He can be his baby self and I will be his mama and we will snuggle as much as we please. 

Asa Trust,

My little king. You are the prince of my heart. May your sweetness always stay with you, even as you are climbing over every obstacle and conquering every foe. May you ever grow in kindness, compassion, tenderness, strength, valor, and integrity. You are my son. And in you I am well pleased. 

Your Mama

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