Monday, February 9, 2015

On blogs and wineskins.

I know it's basically been *crickets* over here. 

I've loved having this little space and I'm thankful that I've kept up with it as long as I have. It's served as a family album for me and I love going back through it to see certain milestones of our family. I've loved having a space to have a voice, and the connections that I've made through this crazy blogging world. 

I haven't even opened up this blog in who knows how long but I came back on here to give my official "Peace out. See you later." I won't be taking it completely down as a lot of people still find their way over here via Pinterest looking for crafts or toddler/preschool ideas. But I won't be putting up any new posts. That may change in the future but for now I feel good for putting a pause on this whole blogging endeavor. 

My main reason for stopping is just my time. Blogging takes a good bit of time and it's just not as high on my priority list as it used to be. Our lives have changed quite a bit since moving to Jacksonville. We have two kids (and one on the way.) We have an active social and church life. I've also started a side photography business, which has pretty much taken over the energy I would've put towards blogging. I have a blog as a part of my photography website which I plan on using to post personal family updates every now and then, or for those rare days I feel the urge to write something from my heart

Also, I feel like in a big way, instagram has taken over the space my blog filled, a family album that lets others in. My blog started to feel redundant. 

In all the journals I have written in, I have never finished one before I've moved onto the next. Sometimes there are twenty-five blank pages left and sometimes there are just two in these unfinished journals. And when I feel like I've outgrown or moved on from that particular journal, I move on to a new one. I used to not like this about myself, my inability to finish a journal, thinking it perhaps spoke of an inability to see things through. But now I see those blank pages as merely an ellipses to the next season. Now to me, a old, unfinished journal represents an old wineskin that isn't able to hold the new wine. 

I leave this blog with all those other unfinished journals.......

New wine is here. 

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